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KapiScrap & Art focuses on the digital scrapbooking industry. The organization has two main activities: scrapbooking kits design and training courses.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Grand Opening at the Creative Pixel

My name is Sandrine. I am French and I live in the South of France. I have been working in the software area for more than 20 years. Capturing snaps of time to preserve today’s memories to share them with my children has a strong appeal to me. I’ve always loved taking pictures, and even more since my children were born. I discovered digital scrapbooking at the end of 2009, and I was really enchanted by the way I could make photobooks which tell my family stories (and mainly my children stories) and all the extended possibilities like making custom birthday cards, boxes, stickers, etc. In 2010 I created KapiScrap & Art as I wanted to offer my own graphics. I’m a self-taught person in many areas; when I love something, I can learn quickly because I read a lot, I ask, I work hard…. And because of my main business, I always pay special attention to the quality. There are two of us (myself and my husband) designing at KapiScrap; we often share the designing tasks, as we draw everything from scratch and we have different styles. I always manage each scrapbooking project (kit) ie. I define the palette, the theme and the items which make up the kit. This collaboration allows us to design kits with different styles. KapiScrap & Art has designed a great collection of kits based on various themes (baking, vacation, kids, holidays…) and with different styles, ranging from vintage style kits to whimsical and more colorful kits.

I am happy to announce you that our products are now sold at the Creative Pixel.


New Released Products at the Creative Pixel!



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